Ashtanga and Sobriety w/Taylor Hunt

My first months of getting sober, I was lost.


Today, my worst day sober is better than my best day when I was drunk or high. One of the most intense experiences that I ever had is the day I decided that I couldn’t keep living like that. At age 25, my whole life was in shambles. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I didn’t want to drink and use any more but I couldn’t figure out how to get over the sickness when I tried to stop. I would throw up and get flu like symptoms, this cycle would continue many years. When I finally made that decision to change, what followed was me trying to find the resources that I needed in order to recover. I went to treatment centers, detox centers, 12 step meetings and counseling in order to figure out a solution to the impending doom that I felt in my gut.   All of those years I was out there partying was lost time. I felt like I didn’t grow or mature at all. Getting sober in the beginning felt a bit like being a kid again but with all the responsibilities of an adult. I was scared and to be honest it would have been easier to go back to my old ways.


After writing my book, I felt compelled to make sure that no one went without the help that they needed if they truly wanted it. We started the Trini Foundation while in India a little over a year ago, and received approval from my yoga teacher, Sharath Jois, for the programs that we offer through the foundation. I am so grateful that he shared our enthusiasm for the importance of this work. The United States has an increasing substance abuse problem, actually it’s an epidemic, and people are dying as a direct result of not having the tools that they need to get sober. I personally have buried 100 of my friends as a result of this fatal disease. This is a critical time and the foundation’s purpose is to help people achieve sobriety by providing an additional tool through the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Although the Trini Foundation has only been around for a year, the impact of our work has been pretty amazing. We have programs in treatment centers, halfway houses, and yoga studios to aid in the recovery process. The magnitude of America’s drug problem is just beginning to get recognition. Nearly 200 billion dollars are spent on illicit drugs each year according to the center for drug abuse. That is the size of our problem.


One of the foundation’s largest program is offering tuition scholarships so those in recovery can practice yoga at a local Ashtanga studio. We have found that the practice of Ashtanga yoga in addition to on ongoing program of recovery greatly increasing the individuals chance of maintaining long-term sobriety. It’s our mission to continue opening up these opportunities in several different states throughout the year. We don’t want anyone seeking help to ever be turned away. But, we need your support in order to accomplish this. As a foundation, we are seeking to be an increasing part of the solution. We are looking for Ashtanga yoga schools across the country to partner with the foundation in order to expand the scholarship programs and bring Ashtanga yoga into their local treatment facilities. And, we need help from you to fund these projects. We need your support!


We have to continue raising awareness until everyone that is affected by this disease has access to the resources they need to recover. The people that are struggling are our brothers, sisters, cousins, moms, dads, and best friends. Looking back, I was up against the biggest hurdle of my life when I made the decision to get sober, and I was getting my ass kicked by the disease on a daily basis. I struggled to get sober and honestly my desire to do so constantly fluctuated. I would have brief moments of clarity then my resolve would weaken. Addiction is the only disease that I know of that makes you believe that you do not have a problem. Often I saw no way out just as many others do. I am one of the lucky ones that found a way out and have dedicated my life to helping others find the same.


My questions to you are…. Will you join me in becoming a part of the solution? Will you donate to support the foundation’s mission? We need your help!

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Picture by Meghan Powell
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