AYP Interviews Ashtanga Dispatch: Connecting w/ Ashtanga Through the Written Word

I am a fervent believer in supporting what I what to see more of in the world. If you follow the Ashtanga Yoga Project on Face Book, you know that I share more articles from other writers then I do from my own blog.  That seems kind of backwards, right? I did not start blogging because I wanted fame or fortune. I started blogging because I wanted the world to know that Ashtanga Yoga was more then pretty people doing handstand. Ashtanga is a way of being.  It is 8 principles that bring sanity to the craziness we call life.

Everyone is worthy of this peace. Anyone can have it. When other Ashtangis demonstrate the power of living Ashtanga through words, I share their work.

Ashtanga Dispatch is one of the blogs and publications that I support. Ashtanga Dispatch is the child of Peg Mulqueen.  Her literary voice is simple, clear and to the point.  Peg completely understands the challenges of the modern day householder Yogi and is not afraid to speak about her own struggles on the path of Yoga.

I first met Peg at a workshop in Charlotte where I quickly nicknamed her, in my mind,  “the backbend whisperer”. My Upward Bow had been the same for about 5 years. I didn’t feel anything when I did it. I thought that was because I was awesome in backbends. I thought I had “arrived”. Nope. It was because I didn’t know that it could be different. I didn’t know that my front body was asleep.  Peg told us that backbends were supposed to “wake us up” and that is exactly what she did.  She inspired me to change my whole approach to teaching backbends and the results have been amazing.


Peg working with me in Charlotte

Peg recently launched the third edition of the Ashtanga Dispatch.  It features interviews with Sharath and Saraswathi Jois and articles from Ashtanga Yoga Project, Gretchen Suarez and many more. There is a beautiful photo spread from Peg’s daughter, Meghan Powell and an amazing third series cheat sheet featuring Olivia Hsu. John Scott’s memories of practicing with Guruji touched me the most.

After reading the issue, I sent some questions to Peg to pick her brain about the third edition and the experience of being an Ashtanga blogger.

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