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Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana Giveaway and Coupon Code!

I am so excited about this. I have been looking for another copy of this book forever! I found it and I want to share it with you. The Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana is the latest book by Sharath Jois, the lineage holder of Ashtanga Yoga and it is hard to get your hands on these days. This book is a must have reference for all ashtangis! It is much easier to understand than Pattabhi Jois’s Yoga Mala and easier to use.



The Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana illustrates the full Primary Series with breath and drishti. Thanks to Yoga Life Style, I am able to do a giveaway and a discount! Yoga Life Style is an amazing site that has everything you need for an awesome yoga practice. They have mats, clothes, books,posters, jewelry, stickers  and videos. They are not an Ashtanga site. There is something there for every style of yoga.

This site is new to me, but so far, the people at Yoga Life Style have been friendly and professional.

Ashtanga Picture Project and Yoga Life Style are giving away ONE FREE Copy of the Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana!!!!!

How To Enter the Giveaway

  1. Comment below on why you love Ashtanga
  2. Subscribe to Ashtanga Picture Project –the subscription box is on the side of the page

The Winner of the One Free Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana will be announced September 12!!

If you don’t win, you can still get 15% off the Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana until the end of October using Code APP15AYA

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Shanna Small has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga and studying the Yoga Sutras since 2001. She has studied in Mysore with Sharath Jois and is the Director of AYS Charlotte, a school for traditional Ashtanga in Charlotte NC. She has written for Yoga International and the Ashtanga Dispatch. Go here for more information on AYS Charlotte. For information on workshops, please e-mail


  • magotka

    I love this practice because it makes me stronger and flexible on all levels. It teaches me so much about myself, helps me to realize my thought patterns and makes me more patient.

  • Tanya Beresford

    Why do I love Ashtanga?

    Because it helps me beat the demons 🙂
    And turns me into a much more light and fluffy person than I would be otherwise! X

  • Gina Fajardo

    Ashtanga yoga and the Mysore method are nothing short of transformational. The healing I continue to experience on all levels of being are miracles and my gratitude is endless. My practice and life deepen on a daily basis and I’m so thankful to Guruji and everyone who has come before and after him to bring the practice to us and for the beautiful community we all share. <3

  • Weiting

    I love ashtanga because the certain series make me feel more grounded, not always have to searching new stuff and spend time thinking what do I want to practice everyday , if I should do that or this. It helps me more focus on my own , both physically and mentally .i love the devotion and I have to be disciplined and dedicated to the practice . It makes me feel I belong to a world wide big amazing community. I am so admire the great devotions of all the senior teachers , I love this practice all my life idea and so looking forward to go forward with my practice .

  • Paula McCatney

    I love ashtanga yoga because it calms and at the same time strengthens both my body and mind. I love that it is a set sequence because there are no daily decisions about what asana to do or in what order to do them which means I have one less excuse to shilly shally before and during practice. just roll out my mat and do it. I love that it is an individual practice (rather than led ) so that on any given day I can work according to MY needs, so I can practice without injuring myself which ultimately means I will be able to sustain my practice into old age.

  • TsiYan

    I love Ashtanga because how holistic the practice is, from physical to mental, from mental to spiritual. I love how disciplined it requires the practitioners have to be which makes myself grounded and dedicated to the practice and also other dimensions of my life. I love how “repetitive” the asana sequences are which makes the asana practice meditative and possible to tune in and explore the essence of yoga beyond physical challenge. I love it at most on how it stresses on the practice of limbs other than asana which makes ashtanga a truly internal practice no matter how externally amazing it looks.

  • Joelle Kermit

    Practicing Ashtanga has been a revelation to me. I learn so much about myself and my place in the world every time I go to my mat. I hope someday to find that practicing ashtanga is more essential than brushing my teeth!

  • Julia

    I love ashtanga for quite a few reasons. It helps me feel calmer and more independent. It forces me to be honest with myself, and more forgiving at the same time. Then, it also shows me that I am capable of discipline if needed, and that I can go through a lot of pain with some kind of serenity. I could go on forever giving reasons, I guess… Well, and, of course, it’s fun!

  • Jessica Cain

    I love Ashtanga yoga because Ashtanga yoga saved my life. Mentally it taught me about discipline, love, and contentment. It’s very well changed my life and I am so very grateful to this

  • AAM_mommy

    I love Ashtanga because it’s the only discipline I have in my life. It does not come naturally to me yet I find myself craving the structure more and more. I also love that all of my children can and do participate.

  • Eran

    While I’m still merely a baby in the ashtanga world, I love how it connects me to my breath and thus the present moment. It makes me feel good and prepares me for the challenges (and joy) that lay in the raising of two small girls. 🙂

  • Kelly Hills

    Ashtanga yoga is a DAILY challenge. Same poses? YES! Same practice? A resounding…NO! I have to come to my mat every single morning and tell myself the same thing, “This is not yesterday’s practice. New day. New practice.” …kinda funny considering the practice is anything but “new.”

  • Kat

    I love Ashtanga because it is a really challenging practice, both physically and emotionaly, as it makes you face the best and worst version of yourself everyday. Honestly, the world, my reality and myself make much more sense to me since i started a dedicated ashtanga practice.

  • Paige

    Ashtanga Yoga has literally saved my life from a chronic illness, it taught me discipline and through that, gave me Freedom! It teaches me that I can honor who I am, every day, and that what I am changes all the time. It’s never stagnant. It is truly amazing that these same poses can be done in such a way that no matter how I am feeling, there is always room for practice and HEALING through the sequences! It is a true path that leads to healing and consciousness, and it allows me to give myself to the world in an authentic way, without having to hide the hard times or the “ugly” parts. Ashtanga Yoga says that it is ok to accept what is really happening inside and outside me, and gives me the tools to deal with that reality! What a blessing beyond all the worlds!

    I have been trying to get my hands on an Anusthana for a while, but so far no luck! Bless you Shanna for giving one away!

  • Claire

    Peaceful and powerful. Because after 2.5 hours, I leave the Mysore hall and I realise I’ve not thought of anything that wasn’t something I was immediately experiencing. That I’ve been awake for 3 hours; get dressed, make chai, drive to the hall, practice…and still the mind is silent. Just inhabiting the body, experiencing the breath. Cultivating a stillness within

  • leigh

    I continue to find liberation through practice, un-conditioning, and awareness. Through breath and focus I transcend perceived limitations. I am transformed and transforming. I see myself in the spaces between change. Through the practice of returning to this artwork day after day, slowly, I chip away at what I don’t need, I unearth being-ness.

  • Gloria

    I love Ashtanga because the very first time I practiced, it felt like coming home. It’s a meditation in motion that presents me with a nearly-daily (depending on the moon) opportunity for mindfulness and self-care.

  • Suzzen

    I’m new to the ashtanga practice and what little I’ve learned so far, I love. I’ve been practicing yoga for many years but it is only now that I realized how little I really know and how much I still have to learn. Ashtanga is the catalyst for me!

  • Clara Murphy

    Ashtanga has been the only thing that has given me the experience or sense of feeling, feeling my body, feeling the shame, the torment, the fear and guilt I have locked away my entire life. Ashtanga taught me to stop fighting and surrender.

  • Carin Lim

    I am new in Ashtanga practice, it’s great as i can do it as routine daily practice and it’s already cover all for the body and mind. Make me feel more stronger and energic.

  • Kim Tomaselli

    I’ve been thinking of how to respond to this question of “why I love ashtanga” for days now! However, I am not really sure all the reasons could fit inside a comment box. This practice has changed my life – from turning me into a “morning person,” making everyone still think I’m in my 20s (haha), to teaching me even a small aspect of what it means to be truly devoted and dedicated to something. I love this practice even on the days it’s so hard to get up, and I hope to keep practice for many, many years in the future 🙂

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