• Jozef Kalman

    Hello, my name is Jozef. I m opening small Ashtanga Yoga studio in Slovakian town Zvolen. It will be called Vimana. As I m preparing web page I will make Blog section. I will do my own blogs, but for more contrast i would like to translate your blogs, what i ll pic from your site. Of course I will post you as a source and me as translator.
    Now I want to kindly ask you if you give me permission to translate your blogs what i ll pic to slovak language.
    Thank you and have a nice day!

  • David Turchetti

    Hi Shanna,

    I love the photo in the frame within the photo on your last blog post. It is a photo of Sharath and Guruji. Do you have a digital copy? I would love to print it and hang a framed copy in my practice room. If you can send it to me I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

    • Shanna Small

      I found it online and printed it for my own personal use. Just do a google image search for Pattabhi Jois and you will find it.

  • Mary

    I’m not sure you can help me, perhaps direct me to proper source.
    I could not find info on accessing the omstars tv after signing up. Website glitch? My inability to find it online?
    Whatever, can you tell me how to access my subscription?

    Thank you

  • Helen McCabe

    Hi Shanna

    I’m really interested in your workshop this Sunday on ‘Belonging’ but I am teaching at the same time (for most of it). I can see that you have a recording so was going to book but I wondered how interactive it is and if you are planning to run this at a later date too. Thank you. Helen

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