I designed this program to help BIPOC teachers thrive in the current yoga environment.  Everyday, I hear from BIPOC teachers who feel that their yoga teacher training programs did not provide them with the information they needed to be successful yoga teachers. This offering will fill in the gaps.  Each pillar lasts for 6 weeks and is conducted  one on one with me via zoom. You can pick your own schedule! 

 I will provide a recording of each session for future study and a list of resources. Assignments will be given each week

This mentorship is not meant to replace a Yoga Teacher Training program or lineage based learning. This program is for people who have already completed teacher training or instruction in their lineage on teaching.  

Mentorship Pillars

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is the science of Self realization.  The philosophy of yoga lays out this process. In this mentorship, you will learn the key philosophical principles of yoga and how to apply them to your life and convey them to your  students.


  • Definition of yoga
  • Purpose of yoga
  • Definition of a yoga practice
  • Methods of practicing yoga
  • Obstacles to yoga and how to overcome them
  • Yoga in action
  • 8 limbs of yoga

Required Text: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Satchidananda






In the west, yoga poses is the primary way that yoga is transmitted.  In this mentorship, we will explore how to teach asana in a typical western yoga studio. We will explore the skills you need to pass an audition.


Basic sequencing





Business of Yoga

Learn the skills to successful launch a business teaching yoga.


Social Media

Teaching Online

Marketing Tools



Payment gateways




Full Mentorship

18 week membership that covers all categories.


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