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KPJAYI Mat Rug Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s giveaway of the Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana by Sharath Jois. I loved hearing why you loved Ashtanga and I plan on sharing a blog post with your amazing answers. The 15% off coupon code is still good until the end of October! The code for the Ashtanga Yoga Anusthana discount is APP15AYA.

Yoga Life Style has generously offered another coupon code and another giveaway! Yoga Life Style is a one stop shop for all your yoga needs. You can find mats, clothes, books, stickers, videos and much much more.

Yoga Life Style and Ashtanga Picture Project are giving away 1 authentic KPJAYI mat rug! Here is the description from Yoga Life Style.

While I do try to love all my products equally, this one is especially exciting. How can I not have a special feeling for a cotton yoga mat rug created and endorsed by the grandson of the man who discovered and popularized Ashtanga Yoga. Sharath Jois, who learned at his grandfather’s feet, is a master teacher in his own right and is taking Ashtanga Yoga into the 21st century.
These cotton yoga mat rugs bear the inisignia of of the Krishnamacharya Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, which Sharath now leads. They also bear an additional label of authenticity. Clearly these are the right mats for Ashtanga Yoga practice.
Practitioners of Bikram, Flow or any rigorous form or yoga will love the way these Indian cotton mat rugs absorb moisture and continue to grip even when wet. Some practitioners like to put this longer wider mat rug over their “sticky mat” for cushioning and to keep cotton against their skin. These rugs measure 26.5″ x 75″ while most “sticky mats” are 22″ or 24″ wide x 68″ or 72″ long so the KPJAYI mat rugs completely cover most mats.

How To Enter !!!

  • Comment below and tell us what your favorite Ashtanga Yoga pose is and why!!
  • Must be a subscriber. The subscription box is on the left hand side

Last day to enter is September 22

Every one is a winner!! Go to Yoga Life Style and enter this code, APP15AYMR, for 15% off of a KPJAYI Cotton Mat Rug!!

Shanna Small has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga and studying the Yoga Sutras since 2001. She has studied in Mysore with Sharath Jois and is the Director of AYS Charlotte, a school for traditional Ashtanga in Charlotte NC. She has written for Yoga International and the Ashtanga Dispatch. Go here for more information on AYS Charlotte. For information on workshops, please e-mail


  • Randolph osgood

    Baddha konasana. The difficulty of a pose is only revealed by the practitioner. This bound angle posture under review seems very assessable. Through this posture I am humbled knowing that years and decades stand between me and my vision of full expression.

  • Elizabeth

    karandavasana is my favorite. And not just because I’ve finally started landing it consistently. It has definitely been a source of frustration in the past, but it has been a really wonderful teacher for me. Unlike other poses (i’m looking at you, kapotasana), I look forward to working on it every day 🙂

  • Francisco De La Cruz

    Hi, my currently favorite pose has to be bhujapidasana.
    It is because not long ago I was terrified of it and through sheer determination and faith I think I’ve some improvements. That I’m very proud of myself if I should say so..

  • JC

    I’m 52 years old and began yoga for the first time when I was 51. There are several poses in Primary that I like, but my favorite one at the moment is Marichasana D. Achieving full lotus for the first time was exciting, and when I finally successfully combined the half lotus with this twist and bind I was excited beyond words! I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to open my shoulders enough. But, I have every time since. The benefits to helping open my lungs and ward of asthma are wonderful, not to mention my posture and how that will all help my flute playing.

  • magotka

    I love Sirsasana in the finishing sequence. It seemed impossible for me to find the balance when I started and it took me more than a year to be able to do it without support. Every time when I get there it reminds me that impossible doesn’t exist.

  • ian

    Currently it’s Utkatasana. I find this pose quite challenging so I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time in it. I find that in my practise I come to eventually love the poses I start off hating. It’s a process!

  • Rahul

    This one’s a no brainer- urdhva dhanurasana.

    If I had a penny to count the number of points of activation in this seemingly uncomplicated pose. The backbend and obsession over its beauty never ends. Not with urdhva dhanurasana, not with tiriang mukottanasana.

    Strength and flexibility. Light and love.

  • Sherri

    Utthitatrikonasana A is one of my favorite asanas. Every day I feel as if I am finding length and opening through the entire length of the spine and through my rib cage. I have pretty sever scoliosis and having this feeling of length reassures me that the physical practice is helping to heal my body.

  • Phirun Cheng

    Hi Shanna! Thank you for hosting these awesome giveaways!
    Anyways, my favorite pose currently is Upavistha Konasana B. Whenever I pick up my feet, balancing, and suspending them in the air while looking back for some reason it feels like the world stops and I’m suddenly in this peaceful state of mind that’s so serene and beautiful. Every time I practice it, it reminds of how transformative our practice can be not just for our physical body but also for our mind.

  • La

    Sirsasana – is my most favorite and my most frustrating in the primary series. Trying to find the perfect balance of steadiness & happiness, strength and grace (to quote the sutras and Kino) is the constant source of my energy throughout the whole series but especially in this pose, that seems so easy for some but that I still struggle with every day. With struggle comes strength …

  • Kelly Hills

    Marichyasana D. Why? …because less than a year ago, I DAILY thought I would NEVER get into that pose. Still, I showed up. My teacher physically put me in that pose every. single. day. I went home and stretched my hips every single night for an hour and had weekly, hour-and-a-half long, deep tissue massages. One day, I remember dreading my teacher showing up to put me in it again. I remember being moved gently but uncomfortably into that pose. My mental monologue then said, “Release.” When I did, the pose finally got “easy.” I put myself in that pose for the first time (on one side) several weeks later. It took another month for me to be able to get into it consistently. So, why is it my favorite pose? …because I fought for it, and I WON. It almost claimed victory over me, but it did not. I almost flat gave up, but I did not. And, because I got into it, despite all of the pain, discomfort and TIME it took to make this pose achievable, I KNOW I will get into Supta one day, and I KNOW that when I get to second, I’ll be able to get into those poses as well. Mari D is a landmark pose for me. When I pass through it every day, it reminds me of what I know I can overcome.

  • Carla S

    My favorite pose is Kapotasana because it really helps me with my hamstring problems. When you’re in that pose, you can really feel it working.I think it’s fun . It really helps prevent running injuries, too.

  • Erica Penfold

    I really dislike sirsasana. Why include it as a favourite pose? I’m determined to love it. Not from am ego sense, nor from a party trick sense. From the point of view that making peace with being upside down reflects all my challenges and fears.

  • Barry Au-Yeung

    Parivrtta Trikonasana (Revolved Triangle). It is one of the fundamental standing poses that seems easy and actually very difficult to do it right. The benefits are great from this pose – turning the internal organ, hip, and legs. The pose is not fancy but beautiful when doing it correctly.

  • atsuko

    Parivrtta Parsvakonasana, modify arm position. It is not easy with the twist but when my legs are in balance, hip is in line, could twist with open my chest then the stretch feels so good with no tensions.

  • vaness

    i love supta kurmasana, it has been a journey to try this asana for me, even when i cried a lot so many times..
    i used to hate it, know i really love it. it is my favorite!

  • Mary

    I know this isn’t an”asana”, but just the act of showing up and rolling out my mat brings me the most joy and peace. It means I have shown up, to practice, to breathe, to surrender to everything that I love and fear about this wonderful Primary Series!

  • Anya

    I learned about Ashtanga yoga early in 2014 and I fell in love with the sequence of poses and how it builds up to harder asanas. I have a lot of favorite asanas but I have to say that urdhva dhanurasana tops my list. I have a sort of love and hate relationship with this pose because there are days that I feel more open and am able to get deeper in it. My progress in this asana still continues and I still have to work on dropping back. I still get in the pose from lying on my back or would have to use the wall in order to drop back. But the journey is amazing. The practice itself develops discipline. The asana keeps me grounded reminding me to acknowledge that there is always something to look forward to but reminds me to be present and be content with where I am while having faith that the next day, I will be somewhere else or maybe an inch deeper or further than where I am. No matter how little the progress, I have never felt so hopeful since learning of Ashtanga yoga.

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