Virtual Instruction

Mysore Style Private Instruction

Have you ever taken or seen a dance class? First, the instructor breaks down the movements and the techniques, then they put a section together and practice it slowly. Then, you do that section with the normal pace. Then you learn another section the same way and add it to the other section. You do this until finally, you know the whole routine. min, $35. Book at your convenience using the scheduling link below.

Mysore style Ashtanga is taught exactly the same way. We break down poses, put them together, break down poses, put them together with the ones you learned last time…this continues until you know the whole Yoga sequence.

Yoga Lab

Looking for help with specific poses? Want to understand how to modify for your body? Sign up for this one.

Yoga Philosophy Private

Take a deep dive into the Yoga sutras. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali describes how to be successful on the yogic path. After each session, you will leave with a new technique to apply to your life based on the Yoga Sutras.

Beginners Private

Ready to get started practicing Yoga? This private will give you a firm foundation to start your own practice. The session will be recorded so that you can refer back to what you learn and a personalized sequence will be e-mailed afterward.

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