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Ashtanga Yoga Summer Camp

Photo by Andrea Killam

Ashtanga Yoga is the father of modern-day Vinyasa styles of yoga.  The transitions of  Ashtanga Yoga will build an internal strength that will take your current Vinyasa practice to the next level. For those who are new to yoga, you will start your yoga journey and on a strong firm foundation.

June 21: What is Ashtanga Yoga? 6-8PM

Is it a workout? Is it a spiritual practice? How do you even pronounce it? Come and see. Dress comfortably. No physical practice. Pull up a chair. Pack a dinner. Just show up and learn.

June 22: Intro to Physical Practice 1:45PM-3:45PM

Jump into the pool head first. A quick and dirty overview of what you will be looking at for the rest of the week, AKA Led Ashtanga Full Primary Series. 

June 23: Break It Down, Build It Up 8AM-10AM

Now that you are all fired up, let’s break down the poses and make them work for your body.   
June 23: Yoga Studio Talks 10AM-11AM
Ashtanga has 8 parts. The physical practice is just one of them.  This will be a deeper dive into the philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga.

June 24-27  Morning Sutra Talk and Mysore Practice 7AM-9:30AM Mysore Style, named after the city in India where this style originated, is where you build a Yoga practice for life.  A teacher will work with you and get the practice into your bones so you can do it anywhere and anytime. It becomes yours.  We will continue to talk about philosophy so you can live yoga during the other 22 hours of the day. Congrats, you are now on the path of Yoga.

Price: $199

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