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The Real Shit

Guest Author: Aude Moatti I am disappointed with the Ashtanga community. Which is hard to admit. Struggle is polished by a fake glow of expensive leggings and post-practice diet talk. An image of non-suffering, of, “ it’s all behind me now. “  Seriously. And what was it like when it…

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What You Don’t Know, Makes You Dangerous

Before you make that statement on social media, before you write that blog post, stop. Ask yourself, do you have all the information? Do you understand the subject outside of your own cultural biases? Are you listening to only one side? Every day, I gain more of an understanding of…

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Diversity in Yoga: The Follow Up

My mind was blown yesterday by the amazing conversations this post prompted. I got phone calls, e-mails, DM’s and not to mention all the conversations on Instagram and Facebook. If you are interested in the conversations on Facebook, including a response from Mark Robberds, one of the conference presenters, go…

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