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Ashtanga Yoga Project Went To Mysore: How was it?

I got home from Mysore last Thursday and I feel great. My body clock is slightly off but I feel good.  I am ecstatic to be back at home doing things that I love with people I love. Since I have gotten home, and frankly throughout the whole trip, people…

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What does a Good Yoga Teacher Look Like?

Today, I read an article where the characteristics of a certain celebrity was being used as a model for a good Yoga teacher. This celebrity did something that the author considered brave.  While it is true that the characteristics, listed in the article, make a great Yoga teacher, I was concerned.…

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Will We Ever Get Past The Yoga and Body Image Diversity Issue?

Yoga Journal is coming under fire again because its attempts at body positivity has yet again missed the mark. They were supposedly doing an issue that spotlighted plus size practitioner Jessamyn Stanley but did not put her on the cover and gave her a tiny picture and a little article on the inside instead. While…

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