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Random Ashtanga Stuff That Has Been Driving Me Up The Wall

I have been reading and hearing some stuff that I just want to speak to. You may not care but it will be cathartic for me. If you agree or not, comment. I may or may not answer but it will be cathartic for you as well, lol.   The…

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The Gift of Not Fitting In

Not fitting in makes you question life and it wakes you up. Usually, it is not until we see or experience something outside of the norm that we question normalcy in the first place.  I have never questioned whether I am a woman or not.  I have all the things…

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What do Kapotasana and Swimming Have in Common?

Bear with me. Like your yoga practice, this story is going some where. When I was in college, I took a beginner swim class. At the end, my teacher told me I could swim, passed me and gave me an “A”. Summer came around and I was at the pool…

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