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Inspiration and Coveting

The line between being inspired and coveting is a thin one. You can tell the difference by how you feel. Inspiration, well, makes you feel inspired and lit up. Coveting what someone else has makes you feel dejected, anxious, envious, jealous, angry and frustrated. On my mat, I tend to…

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Coming up with an Injury Strategy

It happened. That thing that you have been so careful to avoid. The thing that you have taken hours of yoga anatomy and alignment courses to avoid. You have an ouchie. An injury. What to do? If you are mindful, patient and compassionate with yourself, you can continue your yoga…

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Yoga: The Cure for Phantom Life Syndrome

When students get stuck on a pose, I often use a camera to record them and play it back. Sometimes we think we are doing something and we are not.  We practice yoga through the veil of our own samskaras. Samskaras are pathways that, we take so often, that they…

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