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The Golden Walls of an Unhappy Life

“You don’t have a problem, you have habits.” Mel Robbins “The state of restraint is when there is a disappearance of outgoing self limiting habits and the appearance of restraining habits. These emerge in the mind at the moment of restraint.” -Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 3:9 Yoga practice lays down…

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Accept Everything

If I had a New Year’s resolution, it would be this, acceptance. I would wager that 99% of the suffering people experience is because of one thing. Not accepting what is. I know mine is. Not accepting the person in front of you. Wanting them to act a certain way.…

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Yoga Shred

This is the time of year when Face Book and Instagram present me with ads on “Yoga Shred” and how I can get my best body from yoga.  I may have my best body from yoga. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t done anything else to try and get my “best…

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Ashtanga Yoga Project