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The Good Old Days of Ashtanga Yoga

  In my beginning years of practicing Ashtanga, none of my teachers ever made me feel like there was a rush to get anywhere. This was pre social media. Honestly, the internet was still a baby when I started practicing. Sharath says that he liked the days of yoga before…

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Cultivating a Morning Yoga Practice

If you are not interested in a morning yoga practice, or you don’t see the benefit for it in your life, go ahead and stop reading here. If you are interested or can understand the benefit of it, keep reading. Truth is simple.  “Complicated” is the realm of a mind…

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Ask the AYP: How can I help my Black students feel comfortable?

    This morning, I received a question from a White yoga teacher.   It was brought to her attention that Black students don’t always feel comfortable or safe practicing in the predominately White yoga studios of America. She wanted to know how she could help her Black students feel comfortable.…

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