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Yoga and the Path of Forgiveness

Why do people love Ashtanga? It works. It heals. It has changed their lives. In the science of Yoga, firsthand experience is seen as the highest proof. 99% practice, 1% theory. Every day people are having the firsthand experience of how this practice is a catalyst for positive change in…

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An Ashtangi’s Journey Thorough Postpartum Bi Polar Disorder

Marcie Le, one of the Ashtangis here in Charlotte, recently revealed her story of Postpartum Bi Polar disorder to the community.  I was blown away.  It never even crossed my mind that this calm, poised woman working diligently beside me had this story inside of her.  Marcie told me that…

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Practice, Practice, Practice

I saw a post today where someone was going through a very emotional experience and wondered “how the limbs of yoga could help them now?” I will use an analogy. Soldiers don’t wait for the battle to start preparing for it. They train beforehand so that, when they are in…

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