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It Is So Much Easier To Tell You To Change

It is so much easier to tell someone else or an organization to change than to actually change ourselves. How many times have you made a statement that Ashtanga, the government, your job, your yoga studio should change but you cannot even clean out your closets without having a meltdown?…

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Yogini’s Path To Motherhood

Liat Pakes by Kelly Levy Photography Guest Post by Liat Pakes As of today, I have been practicing one year of motherhood. I never thought that this role would suit me or that I would find in it such contentment. We are a wandering family and currently we are living…

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The Real Shit

Guest Author: Aude Moatti I am disappointed with the Ashtanga community. Which is hard to admit. Struggle is polished by a fake glow of expensive leggings and post-practice diet talk. An image of non-suffering, of, “ it’s all behind me now. “  Seriously. And what was it like when it…

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