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A Yoga Practice to Wake Up To

In order for our practice to work, it has to be stronger then our negative ideations.  If not, Self Hate will say, “is that all you got?” Addiction will say, “come at me, bro.” Suffering will say, “I can do you one better.” I truly love the idea of a…

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Ashtanga Community or Your Community?

Your circle of friends and acquaintances does not represent the whole human race. A few weeks ago, my daughter talked about how she doesn’t understand how McDonald’s is still in business because no one eats there. I explained to her that just because her vegan upper middle class friends don’t…

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Social Media and the Freedom to NOT Hear Your Speech

I often see people angry on social media because someone deleted a comment off their page.  Usually, the person, whose comment got deleted, moves the comment to another page and says, “I put this comment on so and so’s page, they deleted it”, Followed by one of these statements “but…

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