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Give Me All the Ashtanga Holidays

It is so interesting to see the amount of animosity some people have towards moon day and ladies holiday. Dude, it is a day off!!! Granted, I have definitely been through periods in my Ashtanga journey where I did not take these off, however, I never got angry about them.…

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The Lesson, Not the Event

“By this time I had learned that it was more fruitful to pay attention to the lessons rather than to events themselves.”- Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, At The Eleventh Hour   We all come into this practice carrying the results of our life and DNA in our bodies. In Mysore, Sharath…

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Being Your Own Guru

“In the pursuit of happiness you have tried all sorts of things-sex, drugs and hundreds of other things-and you know that such things cannot make you happy for long. But still you continue to run into the external world, trying to learn that art of health and happiness from that…

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