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You are the light in between the cracks

“I know better. Why do I keep doing this?” “I know the right thing to do. Why can’t I do it?” “I get it, theoretically, but I can’t stop.” I have beat myself up so many times with the above statements. Have you? I am working to change this pattern.…

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Mantra of the Week: Stay in Your Lane

I didn’t come up with it. Abraham Hicks did. Driving is a tremendous test of faith. There are roughly 210 million licensed drivers in America. When all 210 million stay in their lane, everything is smooth.  If any of us get out of our lanes, we suffer. At the least…

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How To Make your Yoga Practice Easier

Lets not waste any time. If you want your yoga practice to be easier, be more consistent. Our bodies adapt to the activities that we do daily. Think about all the activities you do every day without thinking about it. Walking, showering, brushing your teeth and hair, getting dressed, typing,…

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Ashtanga Yoga Project