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  The video above talks about how Facebook makes money by triggering your negative emotions.  By placing posts on your page, that you are likely to engage with for a long time, they can make more money from ad placement. Because of the uncontrolled mind, the best way to do…

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The Aggressive Yoga Practice

During Monday’s practice, I felt myself slowly sliding into anger. Every pose, every touch, every sound was pissing me off.  I wanted to quit. I did quit. I stopped well before my last pose. And on that pose, my fellow teacher came over and said,  “Do you hear how shallow…

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An Opportunity For Non Attachment

Life is a good and consistent teacher.  She is constantly giving us opportunities to be stronger, to go deeper, and evolve. She is always teaching non attachment. Case in point. This morning, I woke up to find out that I am no longer admin of a Face Book page that…

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Ashtanga Yoga Project