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Get Up and Practice Yoga or Sleep In?

I opened my eyes and stared at my clock. It said 4:30AM. Time to get up and get ready to go to Yoga.  Than the story started. “You’ve worked hard this week. You deserve to sleep in.” “You had a headache yesterday. You should rest today.” “Why are you doing…

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Surrender To is Not The Same As Giving Up

  Okay, I know this could all boil down to semantics. “Surrender” and “giving up” do get used interchangeably sometimes, but hear me out. I surrendered to the music. I gave up the music. Different right? I surrendered to joy. I gave up joy.  Different right? I surrendered to Yoga.…

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Waiting For It To Be Easy

If you are waiting for it to be easy to get up at 4AM for morning practice, you will never consistently get up for practice. If you are waiting for it to be easy to practice at home, you will never have a consistent home practice. If you are waiting for Ashtanga…

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