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And Now Yoga

Yoga is an internal process. If external drama in the yoga world keeps you off your mat or keeps you from teaching your students, now is the time to question why you ever started practicing or teaching in the first place. “Atha Yoganusasanam”, the first verse of the Yoga Sutras…

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The Golden Walls of an Unhappy Life

“You don’t have a problem, you have habits.” Mel Robbins “The state of restraint is when there is a disappearance of outgoing self limiting habits and the appearance of restraining habits. These emerge in the mind at the moment of restraint.” -Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 3:9 Yoga practice lays down…

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Accept Everything

If I had a New Year’s resolution, it would be this, acceptance. I would wager that 99% of the suffering people experience is because of one thing. Not accepting what is. I know mine is. Not accepting the person in front of you. Wanting them to act a certain way.…

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